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Fierce Falcons Sports Club of GTB4CEC

Fierce Falcons symbolizes the qualities of strength , agility and intensity associated with the Falcon , a bird of prey.

Since time immemorial , falcons have been considered as a symbol of courage and determination. Carrying forward that symbolism, we,at GTB4CEC aim at achieving goals with great zeal and enthusiasm. Proceeding with the moto ' Determined to win , Passionate to learn '  the Club provides a platform for the students to enhance their skills while learnig something new every day.

The Club is heading with a vision to acquaint students with the co-curricular activities. The necessity of outdoor activities is increasing day by day. Thereby , the main objective of Fierce Falcons is to establish a balance between the academics and sports. The Club focuseson providing the quality training to enrich the sportsmanship of each individual.

Fiercec Falcons incorporates various sports such as Football , Cricket , Badminton , Athletics to name a few . The Club not only includes the outdoor activities , it also encompasses the indoor sports as well.

Joining the Term of Fierce Falcons provides you with an exposure to various Intra and Inter-level competitions. Friendly matches , practice drills and vying competitions help the students to build a confident personality for their future endeavours.