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Shutter fly The Media Club of GTB4CEC

Shutter Fly , the dynamic media club of GTB4CEC, is a vibrant community that strives to capture and share the memories woven within the college. Born out of a passion for preserving and delivering the essence of every experience,Shutter Fly is committed to providing top-notch content that not only captures events but also adds a touch of knowledge and fun to the college's narrative.  

Mission and Vision:

The primary objective of Shutter Fly is to document and share the moments that define the college experience.Whether it's the joy of celebrations,the excitement of events , or the intellectual vigor of academic gatherings,Shutter Fly is dedicated to showcasing it all. The club goes beyond being a mere observer; it serves as a platform for students to learn the art and science of media creation.

Content Creation Excellent:

Shutter Fly always tries to deliver the best in content creation. From recording events to curating entertaing and informative pieces, the club is a hub of creativity . Members are encouranged to explore various mediums, honing their skills in photography, videography, editing and digital art.


Educational Initiatives:

One of Shutter Fly's unique features is its educational focus.  The club functions as a learning hub where students can grasp the intricacies of media handling and content creation.  Workshops and tutorials are organised to impart practical knowledge, empowering students with the tools needed to navigate the dynaic world of media,].