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The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is a multidisciplinary department and it is functioning with a team of dedicated faculty members who have been actively engaged in imparting quality teaching of the courses in basic science and humanities for the graduating engineering students.

The department has a very good amalgamation of highly qualified and experienced faculty members, drawn from reputed universities of India, more than 75% of them are PhDs.

The faculty is dedicated to provide individual attention to the students with the goal of developing a strong foundation for their future careers by nurturing their analytical abilities and critical thinking. The students are exposed to humanities and basic sciences with a view to equip them with holistic values implicit in technological and professional options; to appreciate their social surroundings; and to communicate effectively.

In the first year, students of all the branches are imparted knowledge of the Applied Sciences and Humanities so that these budding engineers develop a strong foundation in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Communication Skills, Universal Human Values, Indian Constitution, Indian Knowledge System, Selected Readings and Critical Reasoning & Systems Thinking.

Emphasis Is Given To:

  • The Department of Applied Sciences organizes PTMs on a regular basis to meet the parents of students and apprise them of their progress. These parental interactions are carried out with a view to curb student absenteeism and build a strong parent-teacher bond.
  • Teacher mentors for each class keep a close tab on the students’ progress and counsel them regularly, advise them and troubleshoot their problems, thus building a strong teacher-student bond and an environment of trust and cooperation.

Department Objectives :

  • To provide a conducive environment for group work.
  • To motivate students to study and apply the fundamental aspects of Applied Sciences to the domain of Engineering and Technology.
  • To sensitise students towards environmental and ethical issues.
  • To groom students to be at par with the global technical workforce & to build their confidence, character and human values.
  • To create a good foundation for further engineering education.
  • Mathematics being the queen of the sciences, is an integral part of this department. To impart sound knowledge of the subject, one of the computer labs in our institute has been designated as to Mathematics Laboratory for thorough understanding of various mathematical tools and their applications in the engineering subjects. The syllabus as prescribed by the University, provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing. Mathematical facts are verified using MATLAB software making the subject more interesting to the students. The Objective is to create engineers with strong mathematical background, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills through systematic training and to help student understand the significance of application and logical thinking.
  • As we know, Physics is the backbone of Engineering, so a Laboratory is required where students can see the principles of Physics in action. The faculty members focus on developing student scientific temper and encourage them to innovate in different technical areas for better understanding of technical and engineering problems. There are two Physics Laboratories each for the first and the second shift. These labs are well ventilated and have steel almirahs for the safe storage of equipment. The dark rooms of the labs are well-equipped with apparatus like spectrometer, polarimeter, travelling microscope etc. to conduct experiments of optics which are a part of the prescribed syllabus of the first semester as formulated by GGSIPU. In the second semester students work on various experimental set-ups to verify the laws which they are taught in the theory classes such as the verification of Stephan’s law, Hall Effect, Planck’s constant. Additionally, the Labs have computer systems that train students for research work in future through simulation of the experiments such as the charging and the discharging of capacitor, Brownian motion using MATLAB which is also prescribed by the University.
  • The domain of Chemistry has two well-equipped curricular laboratories with modern and state-of-the-art equipment. The labs are spacious and provide a conducive environment to the students. These labs provide hands on experience to students, practical learning and to develop a feel for the subjects taught through various experiments like qualitative and quantitative analysis, chemical synthesis involved in inorganic, organic, physical chemistry and environmental sciences. Constant guidance and support are provided to the students by our able faculty members and the Lab staff. Frequent audits and inspection are done to ensure safety of the students and the staff members.